N° 36 : June 2010

                                                                                            Landen, 30 june 2010

Dear Customer,

As we informed you in our January 2010 Newsletter, we took the strategic decision to stop some of our older products and to enlarge other more recent product range, especially our FUTURIX.
We are now glad to inform you that we have just completed this last range and, from now on, we are also able to supply you our FUTURIX with PC or PS housings in the 1X36W, 2X36W, 1X58W and 2X58 versions.
Concerning our exciting new BUBA range, we must apologize for the time it took us to repair and retest the toolings, but we are now ready to meet all your requests. May we kindly remind you that the biggest innovation of our BUBA is the presence of a pre-mounting installation bracket:  this bracket offers a real advantage, specially in large installations, like hospitals, universities, making the installation and maintenance much easier and flexible.  The BUBA range is available in two sizes:  250 mm and 305 mm; both sizes are also available in a more classical version, without installation bracket.
The reorganization of our product portfolio is now finished... Therefore, we can guarantee you that all current ranges will be maintained for still many years!

Best regards,


Managing Director