What is SMC ?
SMC stands for Sheet Moulding Compound. It is a thermo hardener plastic on the basis of polyester or vinylester resin, prepared in sheets and ready for compression moulding application.
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Own production. We produce custom made applications such as:
- standard, flame-retardant or auto-extinguishing
- high or low pressure compound
- possibility of using a recycled product
- reinforcement possible with cut or continuous glass fibre, carpets of glass fibre, Kevlar or other fibres

How does it works ?
- The material is defined and produced in sheets (max. width : ...... mm)
- The exact amount of compound is cut out of the sheet ...
- ... and laid on the mould.
- The mould is closed, and the compound pressed and heated.
- The excess of compound is cut off.
- The item is eventually finished ...

Why use SMC ?
Our product, in comparison to metal, offers many advantages such as :
- relatively low density
- better resistance to corrosion
- more flexible in shape
- good thermal and sound isolation
- can be coloured in its raw material
- good chemical resistance to acids and bases

References and possibilities. Based on our SMC production, we can service several industries :
- lighting: bases, enclosure doors
- automotive industry: battery support, bumpers, fairings etc
- construction: mail boxes, roof accessories, bathroom accessories etc
- urban furniture: seats for football stadiums, parks, bus stop roofs, sign panels
- electromechanical equipment: machine fairing, technical pieces etc