In this section, you can download different types of files or documents on the Vlux products.
If you can't find a particular document, please contact our sales department.

General information :
   Orientation Map VLUX Landen
   Orientation Map VLUX Landen (Fr)
   Orientation Map VLUX Engis (Eng)            
   Photometric Calculation (PDF)
(2264 Kb)
   Degree of protection IP & Light units (PDF)
(874 Kb)
   Chemical resistance of plastics (PDF)
(1588 Kb)
   Technical characteristics SMC (PDF) (48Kb)

Eulum dat-files :
   Download all eulum dat-files in one zipfile
(2.6 Mb)

Brochures :
Right click on the link below, then choose 'save target as' to download.
   FAX range (6,5 Mb)
   Futurix range
(6,5 Mb)
   LiLi  range
(4,2 Mb)
   General Folder
(320 Kb)
   Buba range
 (564 Kb)

   Datasheets All Products (55 Mb !!! , zipfolder)

ISO Certificate :
   English version
(80 Kb)    
   Nederlandse versie (82 Kb)   

Mounting instructions :
(1387 Kb)
(286 Kb)
   PAC-PLX (127 Kb)
   FTC-LED (1346 Kb)
(677 Kb)
(166 Kb)
   Futurix LED (1323 Kb)
   Buba (316 Kb)
   Buba+ (329 Kb)
(219 Kb)
   Pre- wired (1060Kb)
   PWG 60
(384 Kb)
   PWG 60 (Flash movie)

Test reports :
(7.163 Kb)
(2.442 Kb)
(2.445 Kb)

   PAS LED + Futurix LED + PLed X (2.170 Kb)