Below, is a selection of projects taken from various applications of our luminaires.

Participate at the construction of this section of our site and send us pictures of projects
you have concretised with VLUX lighting units.


Product :Futurix LED
Country : Belgium

Parking Stadium Stayen KSTVV


Product : Futurix LED
Country : Belgium

IKEA store Hasselt

Product :Futurix-IDP-Downlights
Country : Qatar

Qatar science
and technology park

Product : LiLi
Country : Turkey

IKEA store Istanbul

Product : PAS - IP67
Country : Norway

Fishermen warf.

Product : LiLi
Country : South Africa


Product : PAS
Country : Thailand

Bangkok 'Suvarnabhumi' Airport

Product : Futurix
Country : U.A.E.

Dubai airport, terminal II.

Product : PAS - IP67
Country : South Africa

Apartheid museum .
Lighting of walkways.

Product : Futurix
Country : Qatar.

Asian Games.  'Sports City' tower

Product : LPX
Country : Estonia

Coal mine terminal.

Product : PAS
Country : U.A.E.

'Snowdome' Dubai.

Product : PAS - IP67
Country : United Kindom

Loading Eurotunnel docks.

Product : Project lighting
Country : Belgium.

Railway station.

Product : RLX / LPX
Country : Czech Republic.

Residential lighting.

Product : INW / IDP
Country : Russian Federation.

Moscow 's 'White House'.